The biggest movie of 2022 is already on Amazon Prime Video: Tom Cruise saves the day (and the cinema) in this great blockbuster

You may like it more or you may like it less, but there is no doubt that There hasn’t been a more important movie in theaters this year. than the one we are going to discuss today. Voucher, ‘Everything at once everywhere‘ has been the pinnacle of originality of what we’ve seen, ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ has created a superb spectacle, and things like ‘drive my car‘ arrive at some magnificent points of emotion.

But if there is a movie that has returned to the cinema its communal experiencehis ability to create enduring phenomena that can be at the top of the box office for months after it’s released, and his quality of making something vibrant that can’t really be replicated just at home, that’s it’Top Gun: Maverick‘. After an incredible journey as the most successful movie of the year, it comes to Amazon Prime Video to test the limits of streaming.

fly to the end

Tom Cruise he returns to recover the character that confirmed him as one of the biggest movie stars on the planet back in the eighties, but adapting it to the figure he currently has. A star dedicated to making the viewer always be in ecstasy with top notch action, performed by himself in a kamikaze manner. It is one of the aspects that enhances a film that revisits and rethinks the original to end up making something even bigger.

I have insisted on the qualities that have made it an incredible theater experience, but the virtues of the sequel to ‘Top Gun (Air Idols)‘ are not reduced to how spectacular it looks. Despite the fact that it shows off a lot, thanks to the exquisite ocher and gold photography of claudio mirandawith twilight details very appropriate to the story, or the creativity of joseph kosinski and his team to shooting aerial sequences like we’ve never seen.

Supersonic planes specially designed to contain the incredible IMAX cameras with which to capture the flights in detail and the actors performing the actual piloting. The footage they capture is stunning, and he does some really commendable challenge and combat sequences with them, using totally classic montage so you never get lost with what’s going on, even if it’s completely frenetic and explosive.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The Ultimate Tom Cruise Experience

Because despite its modern technological ambitions, ‘Maverick’ is a totally classic in how it is told, with clear and consistent emotional arcs, uncomplicated fun and also a plot outline where most of the film prepares you for what you are going to see at the end. That strange mixture of avant-garde and past relic is transferred to a truly emotional story as well as better elaborated than the movie of tony scott.

This is helped by an excellent Cruise, much more aware of his powers than in 1986, knowing where to take his charisma and exploiting his body to the limits for our enjoyment. is even allowed wonderful dramatic moments that seemed to have been forgotten and shine in some of the key scenes. There are many aspects of Maverick that seem to echo with the star’s public persona of him, giving him an extra layer of depth that makes him one of the defining films of his career.

You really don’t need too much to be sold on the importance of this movie and why it’s so worth streaming. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ itself has sold itself perfectly with your complete package, which has caused a sensation and has revived the pleasure of returning to the cinema at a point where it seemed more in danger than ever. Seeing them in theaters will be an endangered experience, as one of the officers says about Maverick at the beginning of the film. But it won’t go away today. Not as long as Tom Cruise continues.

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The biggest movie of 2022 is already on Amazon Prime Video: Tom Cruise saves the day (and the cinema) in this great blockbuster

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