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On January 20, the distributor Konnichiwa Festival! finally confirmed that the film Kaguya-sama: Love is War – The First Kiss That Never Ends It will hit select theaters in Latin America, starting with those in Mexico on February 10. However, there is a controversy that surrounds this expected premiere: the original cast of Latin Spanish dubbing that has worked on the three previous seasons, was not required for this film.

Does it mean then that this film of Kaguya-sama: Love is War It will not be available with Spanish dubbing? Not!, It means that the film will have a completely different Latin Spanish dubbing than what we have heard in the previous three seasons.and it is not even known yet if the same quality will be maintained because, after all, the dubbing of Kaguya-sama: Love is War is one of the most fun to watch today.

While Konnichiwa Festival! and his manager@kikamx_” insist on denying the previous statements, it turned out that the actress and dubbing director herself Jessica Angeles shared a post on Instagram explaining what happened and confirming that, indeed, the original dubbing cast of the series was not respected. and who is Jessica Angeles? Well, the very voice of Kaguya Shinomiya in the film and who was in charge of directing the dubbing of the third season.

  • (We’ve reuploaded the video in case the voice actress decides to delete it at some point.)

It’s quite a long video, so we’ll just summarize some of the more important points he mentioned:

  • «It turns out and it happens that, as you know, there is a festival that is going to bring the movie of Kaguya-sama: Love is Warand people started asking me on Twitter if I had dubbed this movie, but the reality is that no, I have not done any dubbing. Now, the presale says that it comes subtitled and dubbed into Latin Spanish, so I tell you that, for my part, I did not do any dubbing».
  • «When I posted this on Twitter, there was a lot of hate about it from Konnichiwa Festival!, not directly, but from some fans, saying that it was “zero professional”, that “it was pushing for a role”, I don’t know, very aggressive stuff. . Well, the role has been mine for over three seasons, so I’m not demanding to be cast just “just because.”».
  • «(…) So it is a product that is known, that people who know about dubbing and who are familiar with all this, know about. I want to clarify that this is not a boycott, it is nothing against the company, that I am not saying that they should not go and that they should not buy the tickets. But it is to explain many processes».
  • «(…) It turns out that the day I posted that tweet, I was contacted directly by a dubbing partner to which they said:I have this product, I urgently need you to take it out, we have about 19 days to do it, and I need you to record now“. Now, there is no company involved that is doing this, so the situation can get out of control very easily. I began to investigate a bit about it, and it turns out that they had only contacted Enzo Fortuny (Shirogane’s voice) and me to do the dubbing, but everyone else doesn’t know anything».
  • «No one had recorded any of their characters, so no one else was contacted but the two of us. The director who contacted me told me that they were only going to record the two of us, that is, everything else, who knows where it was going to be done or with whom it was going to be done, or if it had already been done. And after that, the budget (salary) that they were offering us was only half of what the tabulator indicated».
  • «So, talking to the (dubbing) cast, we came to the conclusion that this was very strange, that we didn’t understand, because It should be noted that for a film to have a high quality dubbing in the cinema, everything must be ready months before the premiere. This is because many processes have to be carried out, it is not just recording and that’s it. The fact is that, 19 days before, it is an impossible job to do, so we decided not to make the film.».
  • «(…) It turns out that the people in charge of Konnichiwa Festival! they hate dubbing. They shit on it, they hate it and it seems to them that it should not exist. Basically they do it because the public asks them to, but they do it without investing in high-end studies, without investing in their product, without research, they just do it out of obligation. They have openly said that we are “unas congaleras” (a very light way of saying “whores”), “unas divas”, “that dubbing should not exist”, “that dubbing actors are the worst”, etc. Basically, we react this way when things are not done well.».
  • «(…) The people who lead or are in charge of this festival, basically their words have been that “we will always find someone who is similar (in voice) and wants to do it”that translates into, “we are not interested in talent, we are not interested in dubbing, we are not interested in the cast.” And I don’t really have any problem, I just ask myself, “if they don’t agree with the dubbing, why do they do it?”. They could happily show their films without dubbing, and people will still love them. The truth is that what they do (distribute anime films) is very difficult, bringing this anime content to the cinema is complicated, so it’s very good that they are doing it. I just think that if they don’t like dubbing, if they don’t support it, and if they’re going to make it horrible, then there’s no point in them doing it.».

Synopsis for Kaguya-sama: Love is War

At the renowned Shuchiin Academy, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the top representatives of the student body. Ranked as the best student in the nation and respected by his peers and mentors, Miyuki is the student council president. Along with him, Vice President Kaguya -eldest daughter of the wealthy Shinomiya family- stands out in every field imaginable. They are the envy of all the students, considered the perfect couple. However, despite the fact that both have already developed feelings for each other, neither is willing to admit them. The first to confess loses, will be despised and will be considered the least. With their honor and pride at stake, Miyuki and Kaguya are equally determined to be the one to emerge victorious on the battlefield of love!

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The cast of Latin dubbing does not return for the Kaguya-sama movie — Kudasai

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