The film that was going to turn Jeremy Renner into the next Tom Cruise is on Amazon Prime Video: an amazing and dizzying spy blockbuster

It is not necessarily his fault, since we are talking about a notable actor who has left memorable performances in his careerbut Jeremy Renner it has not been able to avoid being a representative of the failures of the calculation of the recent Hollywood. In recent decades he has had difficulties finding real movie stars, and has tried to carry out projects based on faces that, although appreciable, were not enough to bring the public to theaters.

In a sought-after cycle change where franchises were as important as those who lead them, Renner found himself involved in two projects that did not go as they should. ‘The Bourne Legacy‘ was his chance to take over from Matt Damon in the realistic spy-thriller saga, but he was met with scorn. His other great opportunity was almost literally snatched out of his hands: ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol‘.

accept the mission

Available on Amazon Prime Video for a few days, in addition to other large platforms such as Netflix Y HBO Maxthe fourth film in the film version of the spy franchise was destined to be an end of cycle. With three successful deliveries with Tom Cruise in front, but this one in a weak point as a great Hollywood star, at Paramount they began to consider a generational replacement to continue with these films.

Renner was chosen for what was to be a passing of the baton, with Brad Bird working as a craftsman in his big leap into live action after a career dedicated to animated films. However, Cruise did not relinquish control and took ‘Ghost Protocol’ as the first step to his popular revival. He recruited Christopher McQuarriewith whom he had had a good feeling in recent collaborations, to carry out script rewrites during filming and turned the direction back towards the character of Ethan Hunt.

For this reason, Cruise continues to have a prominent place in the function, starting here his particular ongoing commitment against death by making increasingly risky action scenes. He climbing the tallest building in Dubai represents one of the high points of the saga in this section, making a brilliant stretch from start to finish that shows the excellence that these films are capable of offering.

‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’: Teamwork

It is true that ‘Ghost Protocol’ begins to establish the idea of ​​the team as another fundamental and recurring element for the McQuarrie stage, which would take over as director in the next film. Both Renner and Paula Patton Y simonpegg have their little moments of intrigue and tension, leaving a more choral feeling than the three previous installments.

Of course, nothing they attempt reaches Cruise’s kamikaze levels. That is why there is no feeling that Renner is fully taken advantage of, despite the fact that his work is remarkable. The moments where he can participate show that he is a great addition to the franchise, and it can be an important part even if it is behind the big star. It’s not his fault that Hollywood tried to do something to him that he wasn’t (he’s not Tom Cruise, he’s what’s known as an excellent character actor), because when he’s touched him he’s lived up to it.

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The film that was going to turn Jeremy Renner into the next Tom Cruise is on Amazon Prime Video: an amazing and dizzying spy blockbuster

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