The incredible physical change of actor Mark Rowley after finishing The Last Kingdom

Although many of The Last Kingdom fans are waiting for the film that will close the story, actor Mark Rowley seems to have had a great transformation for his new projects after leaving the Netflix historical drama.

The Last Kingdom reached the end in Netflix, the fifth season was the last of the series. However, his new movie titled “Seven Kings Must Die” will feature familiar faces whose names have yet to be fully revealed, but are reportedly in the production process. The fan favorite Mark Rowleywho played Finan, has just been given a new role, and seems to have big plans in mind, so he’s had a curious transformation.

Since he first appeared, Finan has become one of Uhtred’s best friends (interpreted by Alexander Dreymon) since they were enslaved together at the beginning of the series The Last Kingdom. When they managed to escape, Finan swore allegiance to Uhtred, who never abandoned him and always helped him at all times.

The Irish wrestler was known and loved for his selfless dedication and sense of humor, and fans are looking forward to his return. Although his appearance in the upcoming film series called “Seven Kings Must Die” has not yet been confirmed, the star Mark Rowley You have already accepted a new project that deprives you of the opportunity to participate in it. In his new work, he will play the main role in the psychological thriller “The Eye”, the shooting of which began at the end of October 2022.

The movie “The Eye” is set in 1980 and is based on the script by Emily Carlton. This dark psychological thriller tells the story of a young widow who returns to the island where her husband died to spread her ashes. But when she discovers the truth about how she died, she’s tempted to make a grim decision that could bring him back, no matter what it means. In fact, the star has revealed some behind the scenes photos with the appearance that it will have.

Mark Rowley in his new project after the end of The Last Kingdom

According to the information that was revealed about the new project of Mark Rowley, the shooting takes place in Athens and the island of Corfu, where Mark plays the lead role along with actress Shruti Haasan. the same star of The Last Kingdom He usually goes to his Instagram account to share his latest adventures with his fans and some photos from the filming location. Even though he keeps posting historical drama content Netflix.

This isn’t the only project the star took on after leaving Netflix’s acclaimed historical drama. She is working on a new project called TI M, technologically. Integrated. Official. Where a humanoid artificial intelligence named TIM was developed that serves as an assistant and becomes extremely useful. However, when he becomes obsessed with her, he will stop at nothing to take her husband’s place. The film is currently in post-production, and director Spencer Brown praised Mark Rowley.

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The incredible physical change of actor Mark Rowley after finishing The Last Kingdom

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