The incredible transformation of Matt Smith in a film by Emilia Clarke away from The Crown

Matt Smith gave face and attitude in the Netflix series The Corwn to the king consort of England, the Duke of Edinburgh, who in life was the husband of the late Queen Elizabeth II. His role was very controversial due to revealing hitherto hidden aspects of the intimate life of the royal couple.

The Crown It has been one of the riskiest bets of Netflix as for its productions with real history content, or, as Buckingham Palace said, with modifications that are not necessarily adjusted to the truth of the facts of the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

But what no one can deny is that The Crown He took another look at the hidden world of the English monarchy, bringing them closer to being flesh and blood human beings with personal and family problems like the rest of their subjects in the United Kingdom and the world. Despite being a series with fairly strong features, and which for some may be a bit heavy, The Crown it has managed to be nominated for almost all international television awards and has a veritable army of fans who are eagerly awaiting the sixth and final season.

On the air since 2016, Netflix has managed to maintain interest in 50 episodes, spread over five seasons, in The Crown, which follows the life and personal and state events of Queen Elizabeth II, considered the longest-serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom, with a total of 70 years and 214 days on the throne of England. And one of the characters that has attracted the most attention in The Crown is that of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburghwith whom she was married for 74 years from her marriage in 1947 until his death in 2021.

Being such a long life, the role of Felipe has been played so far by two actors, since every two seasons, netflix choose a new cast to represent the royal couple. In the first two seasons, the weight of a young and somewhat reckless Prince Felipe fell to the renowned actor Matt Smith, also known for his role as daemon targaryens in the prequel to game of Thrones titled House of the Dragon, also produced by HBO.

Matt Smith is Skynet in the Emilia Clarke film Terminator: Genysis.

However, with over 20 years of acting experience, it’s hard to imagine that matt smith has limited his talents to the small screen. For fans of the British, we say no, since this interpreter has also appeared in several film projects and in one of them he participated with the star of game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen).

But the set shared by this pair of British actors has nothing to do with dragons, swords and medieval castles, quite the contrary, it is set several centuries in the future. It’s about the film Terminator: Genesiswhere matt smith she removes the cape and crown of the prince consort and becomes the living personification of Skynetthe artificial intelligence that has brought humanity to its knees and has tried to kill Sarah Connor, in this film played by Emilia Clarkethrough various time travel missions.

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The incredible transformation of Matt Smith in a film by Emilia Clarke away from The Crown

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