‘The Last of Us’: there is a version of the 3rd episode that lasts two hours, but it is even more devastating

After the first three episodes, The Last of Us It never stops sparking conversations. For one reason or anotherAfter each chapter there are multiple reactions, interpretations and evaluations of what happened in the HBO series. Long Long Timethe most recent, did not escape this logic and is curious: it could have been longer than what was shown.

This is how the scriptwriter recognized it craig mazin, who explained during an interview that there is a longer version of that episode. But it was scrapped for fear that it would appear too strong to the viewer. Long Long Timein terms of emotion, looks unbeatable within The Last of Us. Although Bill’s story (nickofferman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) was recreated in just this chapter, it is not ruled out that it will be remembered for years.

It is then that Craig Mazin’s words, in relation to duration, take on another meaning. Long Long Time lasted 1 hour and 16 minutes. It will be the second longest chapter of The Last of Us, after the first one was 1 hour and 21 minutes. It seems long enough, within the television format. However, the other version of that episode, one that will likely never come to light, is 45 minutes longer.

The Last of Ughthe duration of the third chapter
and the Craig Mazin anecdote

“Long Long Time” was directed by Peter Hoar, who already has extensive experience behind the scenes in television projects. It was he, along with the scriptwriter Tim Good, who composed his own version of the episode. This lasts for two hours. When Craig Mazin heard this, he had second thoughts about it. However, he was encouraged to see it. In statements given to Deadlineexplained the result of that viewing:

“When they sent it to me, I think the duration was almost two hours or something. Then I thought: ‘Oh that’s probably not good‘. I sat down to watch it: ‘Okay, I’ll watch the two-hour version of this episode. While I was doing it, I cried so much that at one point I said out loud: ‘Ouch!’ It hurt what I was seeing. I cried so much, it hurt so much, I was like, ‘Well, if these guys can do this to me and I wrote this damn thing, then it might work pretty well on other people.’”

Craig Mazin.

Bill in The Last of Us, in the chapter "Long Long Time".

It worked. The assessment of the third episode of The Last of Us on Rotten Tomatoes it exceeds 90%. After knowing Craig Mazin’s reaction and seeing the final result, the question is valid:Why didn’t that two-hour version reach the HBO Max platform?? Mazin explained it in the aforementioned medium:

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‘The Last of Us’: there is a version of the 3rd episode that lasts two hours, but it is even more devastating

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