The movie that shows the RAW side of being a mom when you lose your children

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Losing a child has to be one of the worst experiences a person can have. The pain is unimaginable and you don’t wish it on anyone, much less experience it yourself. There is a movie who portrays that situation, his name is Everything about my motheryou can see it in mubi and in this note we are going to tell you about it so that you give it a chance.

Everything about my mother is a movie Spanish premiered in 1999, written and directed by the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. It belongs to the dramatic genre and lasts one hour and 45 minutes. In the cast we find Cecilia Roth in the main role of her but the actresses Penélope Cruz, Candela Peña, Antonia San Juan and Marisa Paredes accompany her.

Almodóvar’s style is quite marked since in his films it tends to portray parts of society that the majority refuses to see and that are considered marginalized. Femininity and motherhood are other of the most important themes for this director and are also present in this movieso it is recommended for those people who liked other similar ones like Bad education, Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Back, High Heels and Parallel Mothers.

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what is the movie Everything about my mother of Pedro Almodovar?

Everything about my mother tells the story of Manuela, a single mother who lives with her son, Esteban, in Madrid. Since her father abandoned them, she had to take the reins of her home and even gave up her acting career in order to provide a stable life for her son.

Esteban is a boy who likes to read and write, so one day he decides to write a book entitled “Everything about my mother“, about some of his reflections on his mother, but above all, thoughts of that father he never knew.

On Esteban’s 17th birthday, Manuela takes him to see a play where their favorite actress, Huma Rojo, will perform. Finishing the play, they both wait outside the venue for Huma Rojo to come out to ask for his autograph and while they wait, Manuela promises Esteban that when he returns to her house he will tell him the whole truth about her father.

But fate is sometimes very ungrateful, since as soon as Huma leaves the theater, Esteban runs towards her out of excitement and, because he didn’t look when crossing the street, a car hits him. Due to this, he dies and Manuela is completely devastated.

After the shock, Manuela decides to take a trip to Barcelona, ​​to find Esteban’s father and tell him the whole truth. This trip will take her to meet a cast of quite interesting and marginalized characters who struggle to get ahead in a society that constantly makes them invisible.

What is the theme of Everything about my mother?

Is movie it covers many topics, such as marginality, sexuality, drugs, excesses, death and diseases, but we can understand that the main topic is motherhood and its difficulties. Manuela has to change her whole life when she becomes pregnant and that same life is destroyed when she loses her son. On the journey that she undertakes, she does not stop being a mother, since she meets more characters and also does maternal work with them.

So now you know, if you feel like an intense melodrama but with very interesting messages, then Everything about my mother is the movie in mubi perfect for you Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more recommendations films and series.

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The movie that shows the RAW side of being a mom when you lose your children

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