The Netflix movie based on a true story that has a dog as its protagonist

Based on an incredible true story, “Lost Dog” is the Netflix adventure movie.

Lost dog is a drama and adventure film based on an emotional case from real life. Directed by Stephen Herek with a script by Nick Santora, the story is an adaptation of the book Dog Gone: The extraordinary journey of a lost pet and the family that brought it homeby Pauls Toutonghi. To date, the film is within the Top 10 of Netflix in Latin America, crowning itself as the number one in Argentina and other countries in the region such as Colombia.

“When his beloved dog goes missing, a young man and his father embark on an incredible adventure to find him before it’s too late, triggering the intense search he will carry out in the company of his father,” says his official description. Rob Lowe (Orville: Interstellar Ship)Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Two and a Half Men) and John Berchtold (A Hard Problem) They are its protagonists.

"Lost dog": Rob Lowe as John in Dog Gone. (Netflix)
“Lost Dog”: Rob Lowe as John in Dog Gone. (Netflix)

the true story

In 1998, a man named Fielding Marshall lost Gonker, a dog he considered one of his best friends: a Golden Retriever. who added to his family after losing his daughter. On a walk with his canine through the Appalachian Mountains (located between the United States and Canada), the animal took a path that led him to get lost, an event that led Marshall to experience absolute restlessness. His pet had Addison’s disease, the treatment of which he required injections from time to time.

Overwhelmed, Marshall and his father searched every place they thought they could find the dog. The love for the animal was so great that they even appeared in the media asking for help to find it. Two weeks later they received a call that changed everything.

Stephen Herek is the director in charge of "Lost dog". (Netflix)
Stephen Herek is the director in charge of “Lost Dog.” (Netflix)

What the review of Perro perdido says

It is striking that despite being one of the most viewed movies on Netflix, on Rotten Tomatoes Lost dog It has a rating of 66% from the audience, and 45% on the Tomatometer. On the other hand, in FilmAffinity it obtains an overall score of 5.3 out of 157 votes.

“Santora’s script streamlines the story, Herek makes great use of tone, Bear makes great use of the score, and Lowe is ideal for the role,” said Rogerebert’s Nell Minow. Similarly, reviewing it positively, Decider’s Liz Kocan said, “It’s cheesy and sappy in many ways, but it’s also a good, sweet movie to watch as a family.” For her part, Amy Nicholson of The New York Times revealed that she doesn’t think so, saying, “Put the dog in a curly blonde wig and it could pass for a Lillian Gish parody.”

Rob Lowe and John Berchtold in "Lost dog". (Netflix)
Rob Lowe and John Berchtold in “Lost Dog.” (Netflix)

Lost dog It is a walk that became a very popular drama in the streaming giant in recent days. Available to view from January 13.

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The Netflix movie based on a true story that has a dog as its protagonist

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