The RAW movie on Netflix that will make you forgive your past and learn to love yourself

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We all make mistakes, it is part of being human and of our learning path, but sometimes our mistakes are huge and it is very hard for us to forgive ourselves or others for their mistakes, and precisely that difficult forgiveness is what it is all about. Sunday’s sicknessthe movie in Netflix which we are going to talk about on this occasion.

Sunday’s sickness is a movie Spanish film of 2018 written and directed by Ramón Salazar. It has a duration of one hour and 53 minutes and belongs to the family drama genre, so it is a movie It’s a bit long to watch, but it’s worth it. In the cast we find Bárbara Lennie Holguin and Asunción Sánchez in the main roles.

This is one of those films that went almost unnoticed in the year of its premiere, in fact, in Mexico it almost did not cause a stir, but in Spain it was nominated for the Goya Awards, where Asunción Sánchez won the award for Best Female Performance in a Leading Role. Be that as it may, you can already enjoy it in Netflix and we are going to tell you why you should give it a try.

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This is the story of the movie Sunday’s sickness

Is movie tells the story of Anabel and Chiara. Anabel is an older woman, 62 years old, and Chiara is only 35. Anabel lives a fairly comfortable and happy life, but she tends towards perfectionism. One day she organizes a party in which she wants everything to go exactly as she planned it, but a waitress serves her a wine that was not on the menu and that catches her attention.

After the party, the waitress introduces herself to Anabel and tells her that she is Chiara, her daughter whom she abandoned 35 years ago and makes a request: to spend only ten days together. Obviously, this is not part of Anabel’s plans for perfection, so she asks for legal help and signs a contract in which she agrees to spend the ten days with Chiara.

Anabel and Chiara go to some isolated cabins to spend the ten days and strange things begin to happen. We are not referring to paranormal things, because the movie It’s not about that, actually we mean that it’s strange to see two adult women, who are mother and daughter, but who don’t really know each other because Anabel abandoned Chiara when she was only 8 years old.

As the days go by, the women go through dynamics that go from omission to direct confrontation for the events that occurred many years ago; and everything changes when Chiara makes a rather important revelation. The official synopsis of Netflix says the following:

“Decades after being abandoned as a child, Chiara finds her mother and asks her to spend ten days together in a remote place.”

why is it called Sunday’s sickness?

Is movie is named Sunday’s sickness for that restlessness, that sadness, that fear, that grief that we all experience on a Sunday afternoon, when we know that our weekend is about to end and that Monday is about to arrive; and with Monday comes the routine again. This “disease” begins when we are children and we are sad that Sunday is gone because on Monday we go back to school, and the cycle continues until working life.

And this feeling is the same that Chiara felt when her mother abandoned her at the age of 8, only that she felt uneasy for a long, long time, since she was not certain of her mother’s return, so when she looked for her years later, he tried to give Anabel that feeling by taking her to an isolated cabin and deliberately ignoring her.

Really Sunday’s sickness is a movie very interesting in Netflix, full of drama and nostalgia for when you feel like crying in front of your screen on a cold day. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more recommendations films and series in Netflix.

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The RAW movie on Netflix that will make you forgive your past and learn to love yourself

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