There is no rectification worth: the Razzie “awards” hit rock bottom nominating a 12-year-old girl and deserve to be ignored once and for all

I’m not a big fan of the Golden Raspberry Awards, popularly known as the Razzies. The alleged awards, created in 1980 by film critic John JB Wilson, apart from being absurd, are another example of how the destructive can prevail when looking for a bit of notoriety and attracting the spotlight by attacking the work of others and not analyzing their work constructively.

Of course, many will defend the anti-Oscars by arguing that they are nothing more than a joke. In fact, there are many filmmakers and performers who have entered the rag by attending the delivery ceremony and even claiming their statue, including Tom Selleck, Paul Verhoeven, Tom Green, Ben Affleck or Sandra Bullock. But this year, the joke has gone much further than it should have.


The announcement of the 2023 Razzie nominations has included in its worst actress category Ryan Kiera Armstrongthe protagonist of ‘Fire Eyes’, the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. So far, in theory, everything is correct; the problem appears when we realize that the candidate is a girl of only twelve years.

In a world in which many fight —or fight— for mental health to be given the importance it deserves and in which the problem of child and adolescent suicide is far from subsiding It seems unnecessary to have to qualify the thorny issue. However, there have been several voices that have been raised on social networks harshly criticizing the latest absurdity – to call it somehow – of the Golden Raspberry.

Among them we find those of interpreters such as Julian Hillardwhom we could see in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ either ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’. The eleven-year-old actor has published a tweet in which the following can be read:

“The Razzies are mean and classless already, but nominating a child is just repulsive and inappropriate. Why put a child at risk of bullying or worse? Be better.”

The interactions to this message did not take long to make an appearance, including those of users who played the card of the “its just a joke”. Hillard did not hesitate to answer that “It’s not when they involve a child. That prank can have a negative impact. They’ve crossed the line.”. Holy reason.

curling the loop


It is not the first time that the Razzie have been involved in a controversy derived from their actions and forced to rectify. Without going further, Two years ago they annulled the award for the “Worst Performance of Bruce Willis in 2021” after the actor, to whom they dedicated an exclusive categoryannounced that he was leaving his job due to an aphasia that affected his communication skills.

Far from automatically apologizing and automatically withdrawing the “prize”, the organization’s first reaction was refuse to change your decision and post a tweet -now erased- of dubious good taste in which the following could be read:

“The Razzies are deeply sorry for Bruce Willis’ diagnosed illness. Perhaps this explains why he wanted to say goodbye in style in 2021. Best wishes to Bruce and his family.”

Everything exposed in this text, in addition to other absurd cases such as that of Shelly Duvall nomination for ‘The glow’ —which the organization regretted more than three decades later—make it clear that the best way to act against some Razzies that have clearly hit rock bottomthey gave it to us in ‘The Simpsons’: To the monsters do not look.

picking up wire

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As I write these lines I have received the news that, through a statement, John Wilson has apologized for the Armstrong nominationhas confirmed that his candidacy has been annulled and has announced that, from this moment on, the a new norm that will prevent those under 18 years of age from being eligible for a Razzie.

In the statement, Wilson, has apologized to the actress on behalf of the organization stating that “We believe you deserve a public apology, Ms. Armstrong, and we wish to say that we are sorry for any harm you have experienced as a result of our decisions.” to also state that “Sometimes you do things without thinking. Then it catches your eye. Then you understand why. It’s why the Razzies were created in the first place”.

Other “I am very sorry, I made a mistake and it will not happen again” to add to the list of some awards that deserve to be ignored once and for all.

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There is no rectification worth: the Razzie “awards” hit rock bottom nominating a 12-year-old girl and deserve to be ignored once and for all

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