There is no trace of the actor Julian Sands, who disappeared two weeks ago

Julian Sands is a British actor recognized for his roles in “Warlock”, “Now I’m 13” and “An Indiscreet Romance” alongside Helena Bonham Carter.


After almost two weeks of intense search by air and ground, US authorities have gotten no sign of actor Julian Sandsdisappeared while mountaineering in California.

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Numerous efforts have been made by ground and air”, reported in a statement on Tuesday night the department of the San Bernardino County Sheriffin charge of search actions.

“So far, Mr. Sands has not been found and there is no evidence that we have discovered his current location. Operations will continue as long as weather conditions allow.”

Sands, who rose to fame as a romantic pair of Helena Bonham Carter In the movie “An Indiscreet Romance” (1985), he disappeared on January 13 on San Antonio Mountain, about 3,000 meters high and which is on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Authorities found another missing mountaineer there on Tuesday afternoon. The 75-year-old man had injuries as a result of the weather conditions.

“I feel like he’s gone”, brother of Julian Sands

As rescue groups continue to search for the British actor, one of his four brothers told a local newspaper on Tuesday that he had come to terms with losing him.

I feel like it’s gone”, Nick Sands told the Craven Herald & Pioneer, a newspaper from the British city of Skipton, where they spent their adolescence.

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Sibling rivalry being what it is, I’d have to get out of there and prove me wrong.”, he continued.

Julian Sands, 65, is an experienced mountaineer who has been described in the past as being happiest when “near the top of a mountain on a glorious cold morning.”

“When he was in Los Angeles, Mount Baldy (as San Antonio Mountain is popularly known) was his favorite place, he went as much as he could,” said Nick Sands. “It was in the hills and mountains that Julian really came alive.”

The actor, who starred in “Warlock” (1989) and in the 1998 adaptation of “The Phantom of the Opera,” lives in Los Angeles. He has three children, two of them with his wife, the writer Evgenia Citkowitz.

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The department of San Bernardino Sheriff reported that 233 rescue operations have been carried out on Baldy Mountain between 2017 and 2022with eight fatalities.

“Exposure to the elements and falls contribute to Mount Baldy’s rising fatality rate, and the risk of avalanches prolongs rescue efforts,” the dispatch explained.

Many mountaineers, experienced and novice, underestimate the rugged terrain, unpredictable weather, and strong winds that occur in our mountainous areas.he added, while advising hikers to “avoid dangerous areas like Mount Baldy at this time.”

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There is no trace of the actor Julian Sands, who disappeared two weeks ago

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