These were the most watched series and movies on streaming in 2022

2022 may not have been perfect for some, because things that are so cool do not always happen to us. However, in terms of entertainment we cannot complain, since The largest and most important streaming platforms in the world raffled off, releasing a lot of interesting and spectacular movies and series that they had us on the edge of the seat for a long time. Although yes, there were some productions that had more impact than others.

As is now a tradition, the American information, data and market measurement company, Nielsen published its list with the most watched series and tapes of the past year and the truth is that it produced data that left us with a square eye. To begin with and according to The Hollywood Reporterrevealed that the consumption of streaming content increased by 27% in 2022 compared to the figures for 2021, in addition – at least in the United States – viewers spent the equivalent of 19.4 million years on online entertainment services, that is, almost 10.2 trillion minutes. But since we know that they are interested, here we tell you what were the stories that broke it in the internet of thingss.

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The most viewed streaming series of 2022

Let’s start with something that makes us spend hours glued in front of the television: the series. It is no secret to anyone that during 2022, the main streaming platforms brought out the best of the best directly to their catalogs. However, in terms of original productions the big winner was Stranger Things, that collected more than 52,000 million minutes of time throughout the year. This is a real triumph for Netflix, since it is the highest figure they have achieved since The office accumulated 57.1 billion minutes during the pandemic.

From there, the streaming giant appears in the entire top 10 of the television projects that broke it onlinedominating the list with titles such as Wednesday, Cobra Kai, Bridgerton Y The Crown among other. Amazon Prime Video is present up to the 11th placebut the curious thing is that they did not earn that position with their most expensive and ambitious production of the year (10.6 billion) No, the series that the caste took out for this service was neither more nor less than The Boyswell tied with The Great British Baking Show per 10.6 billion minutes of playback


one. stranger things52 billion minutes
2. ozark31.3 billion
3. wednesday18.6 billion
Four. Cobra Kai16.7 billion
5. Bridgerton (Netflix), 14 billion
6. Virgin River (Netflix), 13.6 billion
7. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix), 13.4 billion
8. Love Is Blind (Netflix), 13.1 billion
9. Inventing Anna (Netflix), 12.9 billion
10. The Crown (Netflix), 12.7 billion
eleven. The Boys (Prime Video) and The Great British Baking Show (Netflix) – Tied with 10.6 billion
13. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), 10.5 billion
14. The Last Kingdom (Netflix), 10.4 billion
fifteen. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime Video), 9.4 billion

On the other hand, Nielsen also considered those series acquired by streaming platforms, that is, those that are not original and that they buy/rent for their catalog from other studios, which oddly enough account for 10 of the 15 most viewed titles for the services. Among them are productions that have been on the air for a long time, such as grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Supernatural and The Simpsonswhich amassed nearly 16 billion minutes of views.


one. NCIS38.1 billion minutes
2. cocomelon37.8 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy26.8 billion
Four. Criminal Minds24.9 billion
5. Bluey21.1 billion
6. Gilmore Girls20.8 billion
7. Seinfeld19.3 billion
8. Supernatural18.8 billion
9. Heartlands18 billion
10. The Simpson15.9 billion
eleven. friends (HBO Max), 14.5 billion
12. The Blacklist Y New Girl (Netflix) – Tied with 14 billion
14. SpongeBob SquarePants (Prime Video), 13.9 billion
fifteen. shameless (Netflix), 13.6 billion

And what about movies on these services?

Last but not least, It’s time to talk about movies on streaming platforms. Here, things were more close (or something like that), Well, the fight between Netflix and Disney+ is clear. However, it seems that Mickey Mouse’s house took this category, since six of the 10 titles that appear in the first places belong to its online catalog. Although yes, the big “N” was not far behind and placed four productions in the top (HERE We tell you about the original projects that will premiere in 2023).

Charm topped the streaming tapes ranking by a wide margin: with 27.4 billion minutes of playback on Disney+while turning red (nominated for an Oscar in 2023) took silver in this category. Netflix barely came up with song 2which got 8.6 billion minutesalthough other films like The Adam Project, Don’t Look Up Y The Gray man.

one. Charm (Disney+), 27.4 billion minutes
2. turning red (Disney+), 11.4 billion
3. song 2 (Netflix), 11.3 billion
Four. Moana (Disney+), 8.6 billion
5. The Adam Project (Netflix), 6.1 billion
6. Hocus Pocus 2 (Disney+), 5.7 billion
7. Don’t Look Up (Netflix) and Frozen (Disney+) – Tied with 5.1 billion
9. Luca (Disney+) and The Gray Man (Netflix) – Tied with 5 billion
eleven. zootopia (Disney+), 4.4 billion
12. Coconut (Disney+), 4.3 billion
13. Eternals (Disney+), 4.24 billion
14. Frozen II (Disney+), 4.2 billion
fifteen. Uncharted (Netflix), 4.18 billion

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These were the most watched series and movies on streaming in 2022

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