This is how the sequel to The Batman and the series of The Penguin progresses, according to Matt Reeves

These were the bombshells that director Matt Reeves dropped on the sequel to The Batman and the series inspired by Colin Farrell’s version of The Penguin.

The DC Extended Universe continues to go through a phase of transformations. The arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran to the presidency, replacing Walter Hamada, is characterized by a total reconstruction of the franchise. However, there are some projects that will work independently as parallel sagas. This, for example, is the case of batman.

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Matt Reeveswho directed the first part last year, confirmed that he is already preparing a sequel and a series spin-off, which will be centered on The Penguin. “When we sat down with Reeves, we had to ask him if he was shooting any movies this year. At first, the director tried to play coy, telling us: I’m not going to answer that question, but we’re working on a movie. I’ll tell you that way. But then he revealed: “We’re on it and my colleague and I are writing, Mattson [Tomlin] and I are writing, and it’s really exciting, and I’m very excited about what we’re doing. Tomlin also worked with Reeves on the script for The Batman,” the outlet clarified. Colliderwho interviewed the filmmaker.

The developer also revealed that he is “very excited to do more with Robert (pattinson), because I think he is a very special person and actor”. However, there is no date or more details of this next tape.

The Penguin series

On the other hand, one of these spin-off projects is a series focused on The Penguin (Colin Farrell), who is one of Batman’s most iconic villains. The Penguin only played a supporting role in the feature film The Batman, as the right-hand man to mobster Carmine Falcone (John Turturro, but according to Reeves, “very, very soon we’re going to start shooting The Penguin with Colin. That’s super exciting.”

Likewise, Farrell mentioned at the time: “I read the first episode, which is as delicious and as unusual as the character that was on the page and what Matt Reeves envisioned when he was thinking of this iteration of the Oz pop. So yeah, it will be, I think, six or eight hours.”

A great “Batverse”

The creative also does not rule out the emergence of other projects from the Gotham universe. “There are a few other things we have planned as well. […] The Batverse What we’re doing has me very, very excited, and I’m very passionate about it. So I’m excited,” she concluded.

“Actually, there a little tissue of things we want to do, the way we’re doing it with The Penguin and how that’s ultimately going to lead to the sequel, and what that sequel is going to be, what it can be.”

In this way, from what was previously said by Matt Reeves, it is intuited that the miniseries will lay the foundations for the sequel to The Batman, which means that fans will have to fully immerse themselves in this new Batverse. Finally, the series and films that are released will be interrelated and a single timeline will be saved, according to what has been discussed. 2023 it will be a great bank of updates about it.

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This is how the sequel to The Batman and the series of The Penguin progresses, according to Matt Reeves

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