This is what James Wan says about the delay of Aquaman 2

James Wan has explained the changes in the agenda of Warner Bros and Discovery in the face of the annoyance of the fans for the delay of Aquaman 2.

As officially announced, the sequel to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has had a delay for its premiere. And recently the director, James Wan -who also directed the first film for the DCEU- has spoken about this respective delay.

In relation to the first installment, James Wan was at the helm of the project, which was released in 2018. Of course, the cinematography and slow-motion action were highly praised by critics, resulting in a dynamic and fun film between scenes. full of emotion and grit – for your audience. In this way, it became the first production of the franchise to exceed one billion dollars at the box office. The feature film stars Jason Momoa (as Arthur Curry), Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Nicole Kidman are part of the main cast.

In view of the success, Wan, together with the actors who brought the characters to life, are ready for the sequel to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom… although it seems that it will take a while longer to reach box offices around the world. .


Warnes Bros and Discovery have modified their strategies

Initially, Aquaman 2 had been planned for the end of 2022, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers had to adjust their times, leaving it that way for March 2023. In addition, Warner Bros, which has been in charge of covering the production, merged with Discovery, forming a single business. But the latter has caused Discovery (WBD) and the new management to take some steps that seek to restructure the DCEU’s business strategies.

One of the first decisions that seemed not to please the audience was the case of Batgirl. The franchise scrapped her almost entirely, while during the week she also had other changes. Among them, had to delay the premiere of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Shazam, Fury of the Gods until December and March 2023, respectively. Given the statements, it is likely that more time was only required due to post-production, as the company stated. But fans believe that there could be other factors that determined this decision.

James Wan’s statements about Aquaman 2

During the merger of both Discovery and Warner Bros there were many changes that we already mentioned; However, James Wan has had to give some explanations to his angry fans who have had to wait a long time for the premiere of the long-awaited sequel -especially after the announcement of a last postponement-.

In a comment on his Instagram post, where he confirmed the official announcement about the new dates for Aquaman 2, Wan has revealed how he feels about the decisions of the franchise and explains that he’ll do whatever he can to do a great job, so that when he’s in theaters, his audiences will think it’s worth the wait. You can see his post below:


In a way, the change in programming at Warner Bros. is frustrating. But the fact that the release date is extended could be an advantage for Aquaman 2. On the one hand, Christmas is a great opportunity for its premiere; and, for another, the VFX work will surely be fine-tuned during the additional time. In addition, Wan has already shared some of the main battles and described incredible scenes, where he shows that he has put in the effort to make a true live-action work of art.

Although more changes are likely to come in the future, Wan is aware of the situation and understands the feelings of his fans as they await the sequel. Right now, details on WBD’s new 10-year plan for the DCEU have not been made clear, but the expectations about Aquaman 2 are still standing. The company even expressed that there was an increase in interest in the film since it was announced. The Return of Ben Affleck’s Batman for the Aquaman Sequel, so it is very likely that they will take that opportunity to give some adjustments to the story and give Affleck more prominence. Be that as it may, the film is still a long way from its release, although fans don’t seem entirely disheartened by the recent changes. And, if all holds up as Warner Bros. has stated, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could be just as successful as its predecessor.

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This is what James Wan says about the delay of Aquaman 2

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