This photo of the actors of ‘Lost’ rekindles the flame about a possible ‘reboot’

lost (lost) was one of the great phenomena of the new millennium. The science fiction series, created by JJ Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof, wowed the audience over six seasons before close with a controversial ending in 2010. While there are no signs of a reboot or a spin-offsome of the actors remain in contact.

The most recent test is a photo posted by Daniel Dae Kim on his Instagram account. The actor who gave life to Jin-Soo Kwon in the series, posed with Harol Perrineau (Michael Dawson) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer) to wish his followers happy holidays. The reaction was immediate and hundreds of people posted positive comments about lostincluding some of the original cast, such as Emilie de Ravin (Claire Littleton).

Apparently various actors from lost they kept in touch for over a decade after the end of the series. Josh Holloway has posted photos with Dae Kim and Henry Ian Cusick, an old acquaintance who debuted in the series’ second season as Desmond Hume. Holloway’s account also offers a journey into the past with memorabilia which includes Benjamin Linus and the great Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, as well as the late Mira Furlanwho played Danielle Rousseau.

Although the cast of the series has fond memories of their work on the island, there are no indications of a possible return of lost. The plan of JJ Abrams and company was not to extend beyond six seasons, so its creators tried to solve most of the riddles and enigmas that were presented from the beginning. The last episode, known as The endgenerated mixed comments among critics and fans.

Why isn’t there a sequel or spin-off to lost?


The mystery created around lost was enough for the series stayed on the radar of many for years. The ambiguity and loose ends were enough for hundreds of thousands of fans to argue. theories about what really happened in the series. That was the goal of its creators and it worked, so thinking about a sequel or reboot would be difficult.

During a New York Comic Con panel to celebrate the 15th anniversary of lostits creators, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, commented that they have no interest in rebooting the series or producing a spin-off.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for us to go back. This comes up all the time and I think Damon and I have been very consistent and up front on this topic. We tell the story we wanted to tell.

Although there is no interest from the producers to return to the island, They are not closed to someone who can do it. Cuse said that if someone has a good idea and manages to sell it to Disney, they would get their approval. Despite this, the scriptwriter was realistic and said that for them there is no reason to do so, since there is nothing else worth telling.

To date there are many series that tried to copy the formula of lost. Some examples, like flash forward, The eventeither terranovaThey didn’t last one season. The most successful case is manifest, a series that focuses on the crew of Montego Air Flight 828, who after a turbulence disappear for five years. Although there are slight winks, the production is far from matching the work of Abrams and company.

However, manifest has enough elements to satisfy those looking for something similar to lost and all four seasons are available on Netflix.

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This photo of the actors of ‘Lost’ rekindles the flame about a possible ‘reboot’

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