This would cost to repair the damage of DC heroes in real life

  • The damage of some movie scenes could be incalculable due to compensation to third parties and the government itself.

  • Within the current context, the villains could be considered as public enemies, for which the repair of the damages would be at the expense of the government.

  • Currently, Marvel has positioned itself as the main promoter of superhero movies.

Currently superhero movies have positioned themselves as one of the main entertainment trends, this derived from the great impulse they have had thanks to streaming platforms and large productions; However, within these films it is common for large cities to be destroyed, so now a creative has taken on the task of quantifying how much the damage done by DC superheroes cost in real life.

Superhero cinema is one of the great industries of recent times, because according to data provided by specialized media, these are among the first places of sales at the box office. Only DC Comics, it is estimated that it earns an average of 244 million dollars, per movie release, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rounds net earnings of just over 27 thousand 400 million dollars only in box offices worldwide, this being the one that dominates the superhero movie universe.

An important part of the growth in the popularity of superheroes, worldwide, is largely due to the growing number of entertainment applications via streaming, which had their great moment during the months of forced confinement, an aspect that allowed them to develop all kinds of content, such as series, movies, specials and merchandise.

This would cost to repair the damage of DC heroes in real life

Within superhero movies, an important part of the scenes in the destruction of metropolitan areas during confrontations between heroes and villains, where all kinds of places, buildings, streets and other urban aspects are destroyed, which is why Vanity Fair video maker, insurance lawyer Stacey Giuliantiwas given the task of evaluating, in a concrete way, various explosions, damage to public roads, this in the search to determine if the insurance, the government would have to bear the expenses and therefore what would be the necessary economic benefit.

According to what can be observed, if the government had to take responsibility for the damages, since the villain can be considered a public enemy, the figure could be considered billions of dollars, since it is not only considered the damage to the streets, but to civilian houses, military installations, commercial buildings, private property among others.

Although he also establishes as an example a scene from The Batman, in which a collapse of multiple vehicles is recorded, caused by the confrontation with the Penguin, which according to what has been indicated, the damage could amount to a little more than 1,000,000 USD, due to to compensation to third parties and to the government itself.

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This would cost to repair the damage of DC heroes in real life

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