What to see on Netflix: if you loved ‘The Snow Girl’, this spectacular ‘thriller’ by Luis Tosar may be your new obsession

A great surprise from one of the best directors currently with the actor in a state of grace. ‘Who kills with iron’ is an essential cannon shot.

The thriller is one of the genres that are working the most in Spain, with a good amount of talent that is incorporating the codes that have worked almost all our lives and are introducing them into our current commercial cinema. A good example of this is the new bet on the Netflix series format, the snow girlalthough it is not the only genre work that can be seen on the platform.

who kills iron is a film directed by Paco Plaza that can be seen on the platform and is one of the best thrillers that have been released in this country lately. An intense work of tension, reflecting the criminal worlds and building a revenge story, with a truly immense Luis Tosar in his role along with Enric Auquer and the late Xan Cejudo.

Tosar plays Mario, an exemplary man. He works as a nurse in a residence and in a short time he is going to have a son together with his adorable wife Julia. Antonio Padín is a renowned drug trafficker from Galicia who, after being released from prison, enters the center where Mario works, due to a serious illness.

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Kike and Toño are the sons of Padín, who have taken over from their father and have taken over the family business. After having serious problems with one of his partners and a significant debt with a Colombian supplier, the older brother will go to jail. It will be then that Toño will try to turn to his father’s nurse, with whom he has created a close relationship, but Mario has other plans in mind.

Plaza, after a whole career framed in more or less pure horror movies, decides to get out of it temporarily to make an exercise in a well-understood and better-executed thriller. still survive details of his most terrifying style at timesbut in general he is endeared to the intricate worlds of revenge crime drama that they do in places like South Korea.

Paco Plaza: “Who kills iron’ is the first time I’ve read a script that I haven’t written and I feel the urgent need to tell this story”

That makes who kills iron a different film within the Spanish filmography. As close to Park Chan-wook as she is able to use the context of the Galician area to give her a deeper and more realistic ground to the film. Even with flimsy verisimilitude at times, she never fails to feel grounded in reality within her terrifying nightmare.

Tosar takes advantage of all the edges and nuances of a character plagued by a context plagued by drugs and who harbors intense feelings that collide with his work and his daily character. Plaza shrewdly handles those falls to the dark side that bring emotional strength to an intriguing, fast-paced and forceful film. A jewel that deserves to be rescued.

You can see who kills iron on Netflix.

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What to see on Netflix: if you loved ‘The Snow Girl’, this spectacular ‘thriller’ by Luis Tosar may be your new obsession

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