What to Watch This Weekend: The Best Movies, TV Shows on Netflix, Prime Video And More

It’s weekend time and you do not have to waste taking risks anymore. We’ve screened content for your whole week so that you watch the best, and catch that popcorn by the tub! Here are your February first week recommendations:

The Lost Daughter – Netflix

A powerful movie focusing on the lives of women that won’t leave your mind easily. The movie makes you think and is arguably the best pick in its genre. It shows how women are torn between careers and home, kids and personal wants, aspirations, and desires. It shows you and leaves up to you to decide for yourself, what you think, was right or wrong. Powerful uncomfortable scenes, uncertain turns in the plot, and impulsiveness have all been shown with perfection. Although the buildup doesn’t peak, the movie does leave you to debate the lives of women and expectations from both ends. Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley, and Olivia Colman shine bright across the length and breadth of this Maggie Gyllenhaal directorial debut.

No Time to Die – Google Play

The latest in the James Bond installment is a true action-packed Bond movie made for all cinema lovers. Daniel Craig shines in nerve gripping drama spanning continents and its explosive stunts. I wouldn’t shy away form saying that the Bond is as hot as ever in every scene. But this final turn for Daniel Craig, who is charming us for the last time in this Bond series, has done justice and closed on a good note. You won’t complain even though the movie is long. More than anything, it has an emotional impact. Rami Malek and Lea Seydoux have smaller but impactful roles. Pile up 3 pillows, Rent on Google Play for Rs 150 and enjoy the longest Bond movie ever made! The pleasure is all mine. Plus the Title Song by Billie Eilish – MY GOD!

Another round – Amazon Prime

Been on Prime for some time now – but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. The Oscar-winning movie examines the effects of alcohol, but not in a boring way. You will cherish the friendship of four high school teachers who decide to put test a theory of drinking every day and the impact it has on their professional and private lives. Mads Mikkelsen shines but so does the script. And the last shot of this movie deserves another Oscar if I could do that. Watch it when it’s Saturday evening. Some cheese balls and the kind of drinks on the round is your choice completely.

Succession – Hotstar

Succession, its three relishing seasons, is the story of a media family – the Roys shown in a way that is absolutely 100% fun to watch. Even in tense moments, it’s funny in a way to watch the crises and the way Kendall reacts, the way Roman thinks, and the way Shiv and others move on with their lives. A smash hit! It is addictive to the core. A shoutout to the twins – Matthew Macfayden and Nicholas Braun for keeping the momentum going even in the supporting roles. Every character is in its own world and the world is amazing. Thank me later. And yes – like Logan Roy says – well never mind!

The Tinder Swindler – Netflix

It’s horrific and shocking. A Documentary on the notorious Shimon Hayut who is still at large after duping multiple women by making them fall in love – primarily through Tinder. A 7-country fraud ranging in tens of millions of dollars, he is still not caught. The documentary revolves around three women who decided to put him to task for robbing them off hundreds of dollars and spending on air tickets and plush hotels across the globe. Watch it to believe how far can lies go and how far can infatuation go as well.

Ye Kaali Kaali Ankhein – Netflix

A good series for passing time if you’ve watched everything else on this list. Although it’s gory at places, it does make Tahir Raj Bhasin shine throughout. The pressure gets to you and the frustration too. An object of desire, Vikrant, gets stuck in the blood and politics of Purva who will go to any lengths to “get” him. And if you loved the series, you’ll be glad its second season is promised as well. A special mention of Arunoday Singh is added because it was a nice surprise to see him in an assassin’s role. Shhhhh….

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What to Watch This Weekend: The Best Movies, TV Shows on Netflix, Prime Video And More

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