Why Helena Bonham Carter wants ‘The Crown’ to end now?

The Crown It must be, by far, one of the best series we’ve seen in the last decade. Although the Netflix historical drama has gained incredible reception since it premiered in 2016, it has also faced criticism in more recent years, as more current historical events surrounding the royal family have been portrayed. british.

Helena Bonham Carterwho was part of the show in the third and fourth seasons playing Princess Margaret, is in fact one of the figures who believes that the show should not continue.

Helena Bonham Carter in ‘The Crown’. Photo: Netflix.

Helena Bonham Carter explains why ‘The Crown’ should no longer continue

In a recent interview with Guardian, Helena Bonham Carter He talked a bit about what his career has been like over the last few years. In the talk, the British was asked precisely about the Netflix series and how apparently it will be easier for Peter Morgan -creator and screenwriter- to adapt the most recent events around the Royal Family (that is, the period of time that corresponds to the late 90s and 2000s).

The actress responded that it might not be a good idea to continue with the show in that sense. “I should be careful here too, but I don’t think they should continue, really. I was there and I loved my episodes, but now it’s very different. When The Crown began it was a historical drama, and now it has crashed into the present. But that depends on them.”Helen explained.

Why Helena Bonham Carter wants 'The Crown' to end now?
Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret. Photo: Netflix.

Helena Bonham Carter was also asked what she thought of the book. Sparethe recently published autobiography of Prince Harry that has been a worldwide bestseller. “I really don’t want to contribute to the whole thing. It’s complicated and will be taken out of context. And I think enough attention has been paid to it.”.

Remember that with the premiere of the recent fifth season, The Crown faced quite controversial accusations, some because the trailer for this batch of chapters premiered shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to this, members of the Royal Family and people close to it have launched against the series, alleging that the events presented (especially those related to the complicated marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles) have been magnified.

Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth season of 'The Crown'
Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth season of ‘The Crown’ / Photo: Netflix

The streaming platform was asked at some point to use a disclaimer before each episode, mentioning that everything is a dramatization. In fact, Bonham Carter was also one of the celebrities who sympathized with this proposal.

Other celebrities like Judi Dench have also been launched against The Crownstriking out the series for its “crude sensationalism”.

Is season 6 getting ready?

As some will remember, The Crown At first it was thought to be done over six seasons. Then, the creators announced a few years ago that there would only be five… And again, in a new decision, the original idea was rethought to bring a sixth installment.

Well, it seems that it will always do so. As far as is known, in season six it is not planned to delve as much into the recent life of the most important family in the United Kingdom, so it is possible that the marriage of Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. On the other hand, a report from Deadline (which we leave you HERE) says that we will see the consequences of the death of Princess Diana and the stage of the youth of her children.

In this sense, at the moment it is known that the role of Prince William will have two versions: a 15-year-old in the interpretation of Rufus Kampa, and another in his early adulthood starring Ed McViand. It is also known that the debuting actress Meg Bellamy will be the young version of Kate Middleton.

'The Crown' already has its Prince William and Kate Middleton for the 6th season!
Actor Rufus Kampa, who will play 15-year-old Prince William. Photo: Special.
'The Crown' already has its Prince William and Kate Middleton for the 6th season!
Meg Bellamy, who will play Kate Middleton. Photo: Special.
'The Crown' already has its Prince William and Kate Middleton for the 6th season!
Ed McVey, who will play William in his early adulthood. Photo: Special.

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Why Helena Bonham Carter wants ‘The Crown’ to end now?

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