Why Spider Is Important To The Upcoming “Avatar” Sequels

The movie “” introduced us to the world of Pandora after more than a decade since the first film. In it, we saw a different breed of inhabitants than we were used to, more beautiful landscapes, and obviously new characters, like the young man who, silently, played an important role.

Throughout the film, our main attention was taken by Jake Sully, Neytiri and the family they had formed over the years, including their two adopted children, including a young human, which aroused the curiosity of the audience. spectators, well only locals were supposed to live there and a few adult researchers who stayed on the alien planet.

Where did that child come from? That, probably, was the question that stood out the most above others and could be resolved at the beginning of the film. And it is that, it is made clear that Spider is the son of Colonel Quaritch and who had also gone to the planet.

The next question that arises in this regard is related to his stay on the planet, since, in theory, all humans left that place to return to Earth. What actually happened is that Spider was abandoned there because he was too small to endure such a long journey, so he was raised by those who stayed there.


Throughout the first minutes of the tape we realize that the young man is very attached to Jake and his family, to the point of considering himself someone very loyal to them, so it could be understood that he was one of that clan, also that he got along very well with the other children and young people.

At a certain moment, Spider is caught by the humans and their new avatars. They decide to use it as a communication intermediary with local inhabitants.which they immediately get, as the young man had no choice but to help them.

in those minutes, Spider and Quaritch seem to be starting to form a father-son bond.so the boy would betray Jake, until he realizes his bad intentions and returns to the side he considers the right one to fight.

Nevertheless, , everyone in the movie theaters was surprised when, despite everything he had done to him, Spider decides to save his biological father’s life and then leaves with Jake and his relatives, to whom he did not tell them anything about his actions. Will that be good or bad?

Jack Champion plays Miles Quaritch “Spider” Socorro, the young human who lives among the Na’vi in ​​”Avatar: The Way of Water” because he was too young to travel back to earth (Photo: 20th Century Studios)


The movie director, James Cameron, in an interview with BTV Korea, revealed several details of what is coming in the following sequels of the franchise.so he brought up some information from Spider’s character, highlighting his importance.

First of all, the filmmaker assured that the young character will serve as an intermediary between both sidesthat of Jake Sully and that of his biological father Quaritch.

Also, he emphasized the fact that these two main characters won’t have much of a head-to-head anymore, so Spider comes in to carve there, being someone who has connections to both of them.

For one thing, you have to remember that his allegiance is still hazy. She’s supposed to side with Jake and his family because she grew up with the Na’vi. What’s more, she formed very close bonds with especially with Kiri, with whom it was speculated that there could be more than a friendship in the future.

However, he has also had problems with the alien race, especially Jake’s wife, Neytiri, who wanted Spider to go with the humans because he didn’t belong with them.

Secondly, Spider doesn’t tell the Sullys that he saved the colonel’s life.. Whose side will he be on in the future? Will he listen to those who raised him or will he choose the villainous father who gave him life?

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Why Spider Is Important To The Upcoming “Avatar” Sequels

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