Will there be Top Gun 3? This said the team

Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer, and Miles Teller, one of the leads, answered whether or not there will be another Top Gun movie.

The great cinematographic phenomenon in 2022 did not come on behalf of Marvel Studios or DC, it was not even the great sequel to Avatar. Besides, Top Gun: Maverick It was the one that stole everyone’s eyes. The second part of the drama starring Tom Cruise came to mark records and history.

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The first feature film was released in 1986 and its successor took 36 years to appear then. Times have changed, the original cast has aged, and a different world has embraced the idea again. Jerry Bruckheimerproducer and financial muscle behind it all, now let us see whether or not there will be a stubborn part in a recent interview with Variety.

Variety: “So when is the sequel to the sequel filming?”

bruckheimer: “You tell me…”

Variety: “Yes, you have an idea. That’s your job. It will happen?”

bruckheimer: “We’ll see. You will never know.”

Variety: “You want it to happen. have you talked to tom [Cruise] about ideas to make it happen?

Bruckheimer: “Not yet. He’s in the middle of filming ‘Mission Impossible‘. He has a lot of very difficult stunts that he’s doing, so it’s not the time to divert his attention from what’s important to him right now.”

However, the executive is not the only one who has spoken about the possibilities of continuing the saga. One of the new actors of it, Miles Teller, it was pronounced. The emotion of being part of something that could become even bigger was seen in her responses.

“That would be great, but it all depends on Tom Cruise. It all depends on Tom. I’ve been having some conversations with him about it. We’ll see,” he commented.

“For him, sharing ‘Top Gun’ With me and a lot of these other young actors it’s been such a wild ride, and it’s still going on,” he added to Entertainment Tonight. It is important to mention that other rising talents like Danny Ramirez, Glenn Powell, Manny Jacinto, Jay Ellis either lewis pullman are some of the protagonists of the new generation of aviators in the project.

However, the most critical consider that giving more parts to the aviation franchise would also remove exclusiveness to the same. In this way, as the charm and surprise factor of the first installment is lost, it could run the risk of losing the quality that is so presumed and that everything falls apart.

It should be noted that Maverick was not only the highest grossing film of 2022, but it has also been one of the most awarded since the beginning of the awards season in Hollywood. It was nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes, SAG, Critic Choice and will most likely repeat at the Oscars. Tom Cruise has also been optioned in the same galas, as well as that of director Joseph Kosinski.

Cruise, meanwhile, became the highest paid actor ever with this film. Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr. and Dwayne Johnson lost their place after the more than 100 million dollars that the Top Gun star put in his pocket.

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Will there be Top Gun 3? This said the team

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