You will love them: 3 movies on Netflix ideal to watch the first week of January

This first month of the year, January, marks various changes in areas such as entertainment, as is the case with streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Netflix.

In this sense, we have made the selection of three film productions hosted within the streaming platform, which with their arrival managed to position themselves as the favorites of the users; They address issues such as theft, power and losses, we show them below:

What is “Kaleidoscope” about?

This is the series entitled “Kaleidoscope”, which consists of eight episodes full of adrenaline and with particular titles that refer to colors; it is designed to be seen and enjoyed in the order that the viewer chooses or considers best, thus being a kind of puzzle that the viewer will have to decipher.

This serial production was directed by Eric Garcia and included the main performances of Rosaline Elbay, Tati Gabrielle, Giancarlo Esposito and Paz Vega.

Follow the story of a group of eccentric and virtuous thieves over 25 years where they find themselves on an impossible mission to open a vault guarded by the most powerful security team in the world; If they manage to outwit them, they will be able to take the biggest loot in history, this while the FBI is already looking for them.

What is “Ad Astra” about?

It is entitled “Ad Astra”, which combines suspense and science fiction, which premiered in 2019 under the direction of James Gray, written by himself and by Ethan Gross.

This film was starred by Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland and Jamie Kennedy, which had a budget of 80 million dollars and later with its premiere managed to raise 127 million dollars.

This movie Officially premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, it follows the story of astronaut Roy McBride who travels to the outer reaches of the Solar System to find his missing father and finally understand a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.

During this trip, Roy will face the revelation of various secrets that are directly related to human existence and our place on the planet; this audiovisual project obtained various important nominations within the guild.

What is “Hereditary” about?

It is about the tape “Hereditary”, or by its title in Spanish “The Legacy of the Devil”, which has generated nightmares with a gloomy girl in an orange sweatshirt. According to the Broadband Choices page, which launches its “Science of Scare” list every year, this is one of the scariest movies in history.

In short, this production currently hosted on Netflix is ​​considered one of the most disturbing because it represents a study on mental illness fused with diabolical cults.

Very much in the style of The Witch or It Follows, the suspense is extremely psychological in this film, which shows us the strange things that begin to happen at the Graham house after the death of the grandmother and matriarch.

It is derived from this family loss that Annie Graham, a married gallery owner with two children, begins to show her repressions because she did not have a happy childhood and now believes that the death of her mother can make her turn the page.


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You will love them: 3 movies on Netflix ideal to watch the first week of January

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