Critics Survey: The Best Movies of Sundance 2023, According to 367 Critics

Critics Survey The Best Movies of Sundance 2023 According to

The top winners were among the buzziest of this year’s festival, from “Fair Play” to “Past Lives” and more. This year, the Sundance Film Festival returned in-person events with a vengeance. After two straight mostly virtual editions, the festival got back to almost-normal with packed crowds squeezing into the shuttles and trudging up and down … Read more

Best Fantasy Movies Of All-Time: Top 5 Truly Legendary Films, According To Critics

Best Fantasy Movies Of All Time Top 5 Truly Legendary Films

Whether you’re looking for knights, magic, and dragons or simply an imaginative plot, the best fantasy movies of all time are sure to deliver in spades. The best part of these movies is their ability to whisk you away to amazing locations, meet interesting characters, and get lost in a story that you’ll never forget. … Read more

The Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the 15 Best Films of Sundance 2023

The Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the 15 Best Films of

Poet-turned-filmmaker Raven Jackson uses elegantly composed vignettes, minimal dialogue and an immersive style to explore the life of a Black woman in the rural South in her eloquent feature, produced by Barry Jenkins. The story follows Mack (Charleen McClure) across several decades, the fragments of her life coming together in a risky, beautifully realized film. … Read more

Film Fans and Critics Picked the 100 Best Movies Of All Time

1674867491 Film Fans and Critics Picked the 100 Best Movies Of

The people have spoken, and these are the films they’ve chosen.  Any time you have a list of what’s considered the best movies of all time, someone is going to have a problem with it. They’ll be mad about what’s left off, what got on, and the order. But that will never stop people from … Read more

Best Thriller Movies: Top 5 Heart-Thumping Suspense Films Of All-Time, According To Critics

Best Thriller Movies Top 5 Heart Thumping Suspense Films Of All Time

Today, we’re on a hunt. A hunt for blood. Just kidding … a hunt to find the best thriller movies ever, according to critics. That being said, they might even do more for you than just entertain you. Perhaps, prepare you for a global pandemic. A recent study conducted at the beginning of the COVID-19 … Read more

The critics’ top 25 movies of 2022 (with a No. 6 few have heard of)

The critics top 25 movies of 2022 with a No

NEW YORK — After a seesawing movie year, the best picture Oscar may ultimately go to neither a streaming title nor a box-office smash. When Academy Award nominations are announced Tuesday, popcorn will undoubtedly be on the menu. “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Elvis” all look assured of best-picture nods. But … Read more

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video: Top 5 Films Most Recommended By Critics

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Top 5 Films

Looking for something to watch? Look no further than the list below! Study Finds went on a search for the best films on Amazon’s streaming service that critics say will capture your attention. With 26,300+ movies, Prime Video has one of the world’s largest streaming libraries! But with so many choices, it can be hard … Read more

Critics: Criticism of “Babylon”, by Damien Chazelle, with Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva

Critics Criticism of Babylon by Damien Chazelle with Brad Pitt

Director of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, Whiplash: Music and obsession, La La Land, a love story Y The first man on the moon he filmed an ambitious epic about the Hollywood industry set between the end of the silent period and the beginning of the sound period. Babylon (United States/2022). ​Script and … Read more

Recommendations: what to see according to the winners of the Critics Choice

Recommendations what to see according to the winners of the

The movie Everything everywhere at the same timewhich was already seen in theaters in Colombia last year, won 5 awards and won, forcefully, in the 28th edition of the Critics Choice awards, awards that are awarded each year to the highlights of the season in the small and large screen. The tape created by Daniel … Read more

‘Argentina, 1985’ lost at the Critic’s Choice Awards, but does what left the ceremony predict the Oscars?

1673889176 Argentina 1985 lost at the Critics Choice Awards but does

It swept “Everything Everywhere at the Same Time,” while Golden Globe winners “The Fabelmans” and “The Island Spirits” lost. As we already reported last night, Argentina, 1985 could not repeat what happened at the Golden Globes, and it was the Indian production RRR the one that won in the category of best international film. The … Read more