‘The sixth sense’ and the end that defined a generation (and it is not said)

1675365255 The sixth sense and the end that defined a generation

Bruce Willis plays Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, and Haley Joel Osment (L) plays Cole Sear, who has a dark secret in “The Sixth Sense.” (Photo by Getty Images) Few films achieve the enduring impact of The sixth Sense, the psychological horror classic that launched M.Night Shyamalan to international success and made us fear … Read more

Trunk dexterity defined: Scientists decipher facial motor control in elephants

Journal Reference: Lena V. Kaufmann, Undine Schneeweiß, Eduard Maier, Thomas Hildebrandt, Michael Brecht. Elephant facial motor control. Science Advances, 2022; 8 (43) DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abq2789 One of the most remarkable body parts in the animal kingdom is the elephant trunk. It is extremely muscular and strong, containing far more muscles than the entire human body, and … Read more