This is Rarotonga, the incredible island that inspired James Cameron for ‘Avatar 2’

This is Rarotonga the incredible island that inspired James Cameron

For many people, exploring the ocean is an experience that cannot be missed, as it is striking that this ecosystem is so rich and varied despite how little human beings know about it. Likewise, the sea has served as the setting for inspiration for various highly popular productions in the world, from movies to series … Read more

Who are ‘The Authority’? This is James Gunn’s most dangerous project for DC

1675262029 Who are The Authority This is James Gunns most dangerous

Can you imagine that, instead of a cult series, The Boys Was it a movie with a blockbuster budget? sure to James Gunn That idea has crossed his mind, since one of his projects for DC He also bets on an ultraviolent deconstruction of the superhero genre. We talk about The Authority, a film that … Read more

The Flash: James Gunn Says Movie Is One of the Best Superhero Films He’s Seen

The Flash James Gunn Says Movie Is One of the

We’re at an interesting flashpoint for the DC Universe, with James Gunn and Peter Safran stepping in to spearhead the franchise’s movies, television shows, and games going forward. On Tuesday, the duo officially announced their plans, confirming ten movies and HBO Max-exclusive shows that will be part of their first “Chapter” of storytelling. Before we … Read more

Here are James Gunn’s 10 upcoming projects for his new DC universe

1675208029 Here are James Gunns 10 upcoming projects for his new

The time has come… After they took command of the newborn DC Studios late last year, James Gunn and Peter Safran they finally revealed what their plan is for the DC movie universe. The planning was first revealed to the US press on Monday, January 30, but it was not until the next day that … Read more

“James Cameron asked me: Are you ready to know yourself?” Zoe Saldaña explains how her bizarre casting for ‘Avatar’ was

1675042521 James Cameron asked me Are you ready to know yourself

Before the success of ‘Avatar: The Water Sense‘ by James Cameron some of his stars, including Zoe Saldaña, who plays Neytiri, a native Na’vi, appeared in the media in an effort to promote the film. A press tour full of information about the shoot, and in his last appearance in The Tonight Show with Jimmy … Read more

The 6 DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing

1673724992 The 6 DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing

In what dc comics movies Is James Gunn working? The filmmaker is already preparing what will happen in the future of the DCU and in the cinema. many fans what are the DC Comics movies that James Gunn is preparing. While the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Peter Safran are scrambling … Read more

“Leonardo DiCaprio thought ‘Titanic’ was boring.” James Cameron explains how he convinced the actor not to get off the boat and leave the film at the last minute

1673641271 Leonardo DiCaprio thought Titanic was boring James Cameron explains how

Nobody imagines nowadays ‘Titanic’ without Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in front of the cast. was his own James Cameron who thought of them for the role and even had to face the fact that the studio did not want the actor for the role, but the truth is that the also protagonist of ‘The … Read more

The mystery of the release date of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ on Disney +: why the James Cameron film should take much longer to arrive on streaming

1673560914 The mystery of the release date of Avatar The Sense

The streaming boom It has brought with it that the windows from when a movie hits theaters until it can be seen at home have been significantly shortened. I have no doubt that this has had a notable impact on the box office performance of many titles, but in the case of ‘Avatar: The Sense … Read more

‘M3GAN’ Challenges James Cameron: Here’s What a Great Start to 2023 Box Office Looks Like

1673258454 ‘M3GAN Challenges James Cameron Heres What a Great Start to

Films from Blumhouse and James Cameron each grossed over $30 million, achieving something that happened on only four weekends in 2022. Two films grossing over $30 million: This is a fine way to start 2023 box office. Led by the continued strong showing for “Avatar: The Way of Water” (Disney) and Blumhouse Prods.’ inventive horror … Read more