Critics Survey: The Best Movies of Sundance 2023, According to 367 Critics

Critics Survey The Best Movies of Sundance 2023 According to

The top winners were among the buzziest of this year’s festival, from “Fair Play” to “Past Lives” and more. This year, the Sundance Film Festival returned in-person events with a vengeance. After two straight mostly virtual editions, the festival got back to almost-normal with packed crowds squeezing into the shuttles and trudging up and down … Read more

Survey reveals America’s favorite movies from 2022

1671721502 Survey reveals Americas favorite movies from 2022

The best movie of 2022 was also its highest-grossing one, according to one in five Americans.  A recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 respondents found that 19% selected “Top Gun: Maverick” as one of their favorites for the year, making it the most popular choice among those polled. But fans weren’t the only ones who walked … Read more

Survey finds more than 40% of Americans misled others about having COVID-19 and use of precautions

Journal Reference: Andrea Gurmankin Levy, Alistair Thorpe, Laura D. Scherer, Aaron M. Scherer, Frank A. Drews, Jorie M. Butler, Nicole Burpo, Holly Shoemaker, Vanessa Stevens, Angela Fagerlin. Misrepresentation and Nonadherence Regarding COVID-19 Public Health Measures. JAMA Network Open, 2022; 5 (10): e2235837 DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.35837 The study, which appears in the Oct. 10, 2022, issue of … Read more

New survey: 91% of parents say their family is less stressed when they eat together

Of the 1,000 U.S. adults nationwide surveyed in September 2022 for the American Heart Association’s Healthy for GoodTM movement by Wakefield Research, the vast majority (84%) say they wish they could share a meal more often with loved ones, and nearly all parents report lower levels of stress among their family when they regularly connect … Read more

Superhero movies are losing popularity according to new survey | tomatoes

Superhero movies are losing popularity according to new survey

Superheroes were practically created to be a role model for children and, of course, to sell everything possible related to them. With comics, cartoons and animated series, these characters accompanied the little ones everywhere and became part of their game. While the number of adult consumers of these products was in a small number compared … Read more

Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science Survey: Wide view of the early universe

Journal Reference: Steven L. Finkelstein et al. A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Candidate z ~ 14 Galaxy in Early JWST CEERS Imaging. submitted to arXiv, 2022 [abstract] The images were taken from the Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science Survey (CEERS), led by a scientist at The University of Texas … Read more