What time does “Infiesto” premiere, the Spanish thriller set in the pandemic

1675363829 What time does Infiesto premiere the Spanish thriller set in

The end of a kidnapping is only the beginning of your investigation. Two inspectors will have to advance alone in a country stopped by the state of alarm. (Netflix) I infest is an upcoming Spanish film by Patxi Amezcua (Seventh) that takes us back to the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Isak Férriz and Iria … Read more

What to see on Netflix: if you loved ‘The Snow Girl’, this spectacular ‘thriller’ by Luis Tosar may be your new obsession

What to see on Netflix if you loved The Snow

A great surprise from one of the best directors currently with the actor in a state of grace. ‘Who kills with iron’ is an essential cannon shot. The thriller is one of the genres that are working the most in Spain, with a good amount of talent that is incorporating the codes that have worked … Read more

Best Thriller Movies: Top 5 Heart-Thumping Suspense Films Of All-Time, According To Critics

Best Thriller Movies Top 5 Heart Thumping Suspense Films Of All Time

Today, we’re on a hunt. A hunt for blood. Just kidding … a hunt to find the best thriller movies ever, according to critics. That being said, they might even do more for you than just entertain you. Perhaps, prepare you for a global pandemic. A recent study conducted at the beginning of the COVID-19 … Read more

Bruce Willis returns to theaters with a new action ‘thriller’: an opportunity to see him on the big screen before the last film of his career

Bruce Willis returns to theaters with a new action thriller

The actor reported almost a year ago now that he suffered from aphasia, a disease that affects communication and that had forced him to paralyze his career. ‘Detective Knight: Redemption’, already in theaters, is the penultimate one we will see on the big screen. With BabylonDamien Chazelle’s new film after shooting it with La La … Read more

Best Thriller Movies 2022

Best Thriller Movies 2022

Rian Johnson assembled another all-star whodunit, and critics were living for every bit of delicious, hilarious drama. Glass Onion proved that Johnson is one of this generation’s most brilliant mystery storytellers and that the Knives Out franchise is a bona fide winner. It’s no wonder that the hilarious combinations of Leslie Odom, Kate Hudson, Kathryn … Read more

The captivating thriller from the creator of Peaky Blinders led by Anne Hathaway available on HBO Max

The captivating thriller from the creator of Peaky Blinders led

If there is a film duo that has managed to dazzle the public, it is, without a doubt, the one that makes up Anne Hathaway Y Matthew McConaughey. The actors have shared the screen twice, and on both occasions they managed to captivate the public with their talent and chemistry. The first collaboration between the … Read more

Hollywood actors talk about what it was like to shoot the action thriller “Plane” in Puerto Rico

1673249216 Hollywood actors talk about what it was like to shoot

Gerard Butler plays a pilot who, with no previous combat experience, has to face a tough hand-to-hand fight, while Mike Colter’s character is accused of murder. Actor Gerard Butler, 53 years old. Photo: EFE NEW YORK – Actor Gerard Butler, 53, says it’s getting “more and more difficult” for him to play extreme action scenes, … Read more

It is an underrated thriller from the creator of ‘Yellowstone’: a fiery film with Angelina Jolie that should not have gone unnoticed is coming to HBO Max

1672828419 It is an underrated thriller from the creator of Yellowstone

The big shows are responding to give a necessary breath of oxygen to movie theaters hit by the pandemic, and small phenomena that are also very grateful come out from independent cinema from time to time. However, movies in between are struggling to re-engage audiences who chooses to (hopefully) view them in the comfort of … Read more

‘Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax’ is pure Guy Ritchie: a hilarious action thriller that shows what an author can do in his comfort zone

1672610546 Operation Fortune The Great Hoax is pure Guy Ritchie a

On many occasions, talking about our favorite directors does not imply talking about specific titles that have marked us or about the relationship between the quantity and quality of their feature films. Giving a filmmaker such recognition is closely related to our ability to connect with their sensibilities, their sense of humor and their affiliates; … Read more

This is how a perfect ‘thriller’ for the cinema is made

1672565923 This is how a perfect thriller for the cinema is.webp

“For me the important thing is the structure, because I need to be clear about the composition,” says Rian Johnson. “I am interested in the characters, and the first thing I do is define them”, considers Javier Ruiz Caldera. Both filmmakers have released their last two works on Netflix, and curiously they have coincided in … Read more